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Season Opens March 25th
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 March 2012
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It has been confirmed by the powers that be. The South Asian Softball League Season 9 will begin on March 25th. Please stay tuned for the official schedule. The breakdown in the schedule will be the following.

The conferences due to an overwhelming requests in times that teams had to play, were broken down by time preferences. It seemed that the two divisions defined themselves with all the timing requests. With all the teams that are not able to play late and all that can't play in the morning the schedule worked out for two conferences. We are waiting on getting the official schedule from the county. Until then this is what was involved in making the schedule.

The Early Rizerz

Games will be at 8:30am and 11:00am.

The Late Nighterz

Games will be at 230 and 430pm (approximately)

Captains and all players are strongly suggested to follow the league Twitter for immediate updates #sasoftball

Join the South Asian Softball Facebook Group and join the Linked in Group as well.

The way that the season will work with two conferences of 7 is the following.

It's a 14 week proposed schedule. 14 teams, split 7 and 7.

Every week there's one interleague game until week 8. (7vs7, 6vs6, etc.) Then Week 8 through 10 is three more interleague games. This is where 1 plays 2, 3, 4 of the other side (because 1 already played their 1 counterpart during the first 7 weeks). In these three weeks, 5 through 7 play the 5 through 7 of the other side. the kicker is they play their counter part (e.g. 5vs5, 6vs6) one extra time to fill out the three weeks. This is OK because it is like competition.

Then after week 10, each 7 team division is ranked by standing as of week 10. Then the last 4 weeks, Week 11 through 14 are an exact repeat of weeks 1 through 4 schedule except the teams should theoretically be in different spots so the match-ups will be different than the first go around but still, the top 4 teams play each other, while the bottom play each other and their counter parts as well from the other side. Again, competitive games all season long, except for like 3-4 weeks.

Below is a sample schedule for the Early Rizerz Division.

2012 SASL Spring-Summer Schedule Proposal
14 Teams (7 Early Rizerz, 7 Late Nighterz)

Each 7 team conference must be pre-ranked according to expected talent level as compared to the other teams.

The schedule below is identical for both conferences so I will only show the American League side of it:

Week 1

#7 vs. Late Rizerz #7 (INTERLEAGUE)

Week 2

6 vs. Late Rizerz 6 (IL)

Week 3


5 vs. Late Rizerz 5 (IL)

Week 4

4 vs Late Rizerz 4 (IL)

Week 5

3 vs Late Rizerz 3 (IL)

Week 6

2 vs Late Rizerz 2 (IL)

Week 7

1 vs Late Rizerz 1 (IL)

[Week 8 to 10 = TOTAL INTERLEAGUE]

Week 8
Early 1 VS Late 2
Late 1 VS Early 2

Early 3 VS Late 4
Early 3 VS Late 4

Early 5 VS Late 6
Late 5 VS Early 6

Early 7 VS Late 7 (repeat of week 1 match-up)

Week 9
Early 1 VS Late 3
Late 1 VS Early 3

Early 2 VS Late 4
Late 2 VS Early 4

Early 5 VS Late 7
Late 5 VS Early 7

Early 6 VS Late 6 (repeat of week 2 match-up)

Week 10
Early 1 VS Late 4
Late 1 VS Early 4

Early 2 VS Late 3
Late 2 VS Early 3

Early 6 VS Late 7
Late 6 VS Early 7

Early 5 VS Late 5 (repeat of week 3 match-up)


Week 11
(repeat of round 1, but using new seeds)
1 vs 2
3 vs 4
5 vs 6

7 vs Late Nighterz 7 (Interleague)

Week 12
(repeat round 2 above, but using new seeds)

Week 13
(repeat round 3 above, but using new seeds)

Week 14
(repeat round 4 above, but using new seeds)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 March 2012 )
Best player in South Asian Sports History - Part 2
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 March 2012
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Next candidate who is our nominee for simply the best is Khaled Ahmedy . Khaled recently made news when he moved on to team Force. But for years Khaled has been a very underrated member of team SWAT. Khaled has been a cog in theSWAT lineup a fixture in the number 5 spot. Khaled is a 5 tool player. He hits for average, has great speed, has power, and a great arm in the outfield. Although this last year was a down year by Khaled's own standards. He still had an above average year by league standards. Over 50% of his hits were for extra bases. But if you go back to 2010 68%, of his hits were for extra bases and this was in a season in which he played basically part time.

A prime example of Khaled’s talents are put on display in this video.

Untitled from South Asian Softball League on Vimeo.

But Khaled unleashed his talents on to the rest of the leagues this year. Khaled came in and played for the Outlaws football team. He had the highest touchdown to reception ratio in the league. Almost 50% of his receptions were touchdowns. He helped a down trodden Outlaws team that started out the season 0-3 to finish 6-6 in the regular season. Although he wasn’t considered the same type of player in football as he was in Softball. Khaled showed flashes of brilliance in football as well.

Where Khaled has really made his mark this year as one of the leaders of Asian Sensation in the South Asian Bowling League. Khaled has been leading the team in average and is finished as the 8th best bowler in this super competitive league. Khaled has anchored the 5th spot and has placed the pressure on himself. As the anchor he is the one who has to come up to close out games and get his team the win.

Khaled Ahmed a 5 tool Softball palyer a dynamo on the football field and a superb bowler..

But we had to keep on looking as was Khaled really a star in Football? So 2 out of 3 sports is great, but the search for the best player in South Asian Sports continues….

Ironically Khaled who arguably is the best on the Softball field is considered an underrated Softball player who doesn't get his just due. He tended to be overshadowed on SWAT. But now with a move to Force it will be the time for Khaled to do what he has done in bowling and to be more at the fore front.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 March 2012 )
A message for the SASL from the Wolfpack
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 06 March 2012
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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 March 2012 )
Grays Season Preview
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 05 March 2012
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Team Preview: Grays


The losses of Amit and Dipan Patel on a full-time basis were two big holes the team needed to address in order to continue advancing on the progress made in 2011.  Last season saw the Grays take a big stride by earning a spot in the wildcard playoffs in SNL.  Pitching was inconsistent and ultimately proved to be a critical difference maker.  Ghanshyam had flashes of brilliance but at times the erratic control was too much for the team to overcome.  Defensively, few teams in the league can flash as much leather in the outfield as the Grays.  This season features some important free agent acquisitions with former Pitch Slap players Omer Malik, Bilal Khan, Saqib Chaudry, Ali Nobani, and perennial all-star Keith Ginzberg.  The additions will help fill the losses of aforementioned AP and DP.   The addition of talent and experience will serve the Grays well in close game situations.  In 2011, seven losses were by 3 runs or less.


Position by position look:

1B – will be anchored by Akil Gubbi and Ankit Ramchandani.  Both have tremendous upside.  Akil will be looking to be more of a run producer this season batting in a deeper lineup.  Ankit will be looking to continue his consistency at getting on base.  His versatility of being able to be a top of the order threat and also batting in a run producing slots makes him a multipurpose threat. 


2B – co-captain Uday Gosalia will need to improve his batting if he’s going to see much playing time this season.  Bilal Khan can also play the position and has a potent bat. 


3B – Ali Nobani is a raw talent in this league.  He has a knack on offense of hitting the ball very hard and usually line drives for extra basehits.  On defense he can use his strong arm at the hot corner to help anchor the left side of the infield. 


SS – Keith Ginzberg adds a big a bat to the lineup, which already features Mike K.  The two are expected to be among the leagues elite 1-2 punches.  There is a lot to like about the addition of Keith’s bat to the lineup.  However, it’s going to be on defense where he will likely make the greatest impact.  He’s got cat-like reflexes and throws seeds from short.  Suring up the infield defense will help keep the team in many games extremely in close games. 


C – Saqib Chaudry will be manning the position formerly held by Ashish Gosalia.  Ashish was lost during the fall league when he broke his leg.  His loss is pretty big because of his intensity and his ability to make putouts at the plate.  Saqib brings similar skills to the field and there is great confidence in his knowledge of calling a game to help stabilize the pitching. 


P – Ghanshyam Gosalia improved considerably as the year progressed.  He is incredible shape through a rigid offseason training regime.  His endurance will have likely improved, and with another year of experience under his belt, combined with his ferocious competitive spirit, this year is likely going to be a big one on the mound.  Offensively, after a couple of knee surgeries in early 2010, he’s got his legs back and we can expect some reliable ABs at the end of the lineup. 


OF – Mitul Patel, Mike Kovacik, Omer Malik, Darshak Patel

Mitul will continue to be a pain for opposing teams by continually getting on base and always being a threat to take the extra base.  Fully recovered from an ankle injury last season, it will be a lot of fun to see him score many runs this season with the support behind him this season.  Defensively, he’s a lockdown middle-outfielder as his speed allows him to cover a lot of ground and he’s unafraid of getting his jersey dirty (to the chagrin of his wife/team co-manager Lisa Patel). 


Mike K. is looking to build on his remarkable 2011 season.  This guy is undeniably clutch and holds himself to the highest standards.  He will benefit from having another big bat in Keith G. in the lineup in addition to the other performers who are returning and have been added.  His incredibly strong throwing arm highlights his defense. 


Omer Malik is a speedster with a strong throwing arm.  His offense will likely be looking to improve and there’s no reason not to expect it will.  He’s going to be providing tremendous value to the team covering one of the corner-OF posts.  Good defense can feed good offense. 


Darshak Patel is a newcomer to SASL.  He comes from the family of AP and possesses raw talent that still needs to be harnessed.  Has one of the strongest arms in the league and at the plate can still get better at consistently hitting line drives helping to leverage his lightening speed.  If he can get on base a respectable clip, he’ll be a big threat at the bottom of the lineup.  


Considering the fact that Amit Patel and Dipan Patel were losses going in to this upcoming season. The GRAYS were able to snag the best free agent out there in Keith Ginzberg who can make up for the offensive and defensive production of Amit Patel. Another area that was addressed with the GRAYS is depth which they are going to add by adding all of these guys plus they may have a few more surprises up their sleeve.


That being said considering what the hole that this team had going in to this upcoming season they get an off season grade of...



Last Updated ( Monday, 05 March 2012 )
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