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The Indians - Team Preview
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012
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When you look at the original 4 teams of the league. You had Shock, HitMen, Dynasty and the Outlaws.

 Shock was the first team to dissolve in to the Lions and SWAT. Eventually the HitMen dissolved as well. 2012 you find that you have 1 original team left. As team Dynasty has dissolved. The bulk of the players have merged with the Titans to create the Indians.

The team the Indians was a team that has been rumored for the last few seasons. Many players when they heard about the announcement weren't really saying wow. They were instead saying about time. This team though is looking to be an immediate contender for the SASL title that some on the Dynasty squad last tasted in 2004 and those on the Titans have never come close to.

 Some notable additions on this team. We have John Tunney a new comer who we don't have much information on. The key is that we have been told is that Pawan, Jason, Pragnesh, and Ramesh the big 4 are going to give it one last shot to win it all.

 This team features some of the all time best in SASL history. Pragnesh one can argue is the best player to ever play the game. In the same conversation Amit Bhasin and Ramesh Ballie would be mentioned. To have three of them on the same team is down right scary. With this team being deep at every position....Amir Bhasin and Jason Thomas playing short stop. That is going to be one really tough defense to score runs on.

 It remains to be seen how they are able to make the egos work and how they are going to be able to make everyone fit in.  But the pieces are their to make a spirited run for the championship.  This may be a new team but this team is new like Empire of last year. Key pieces from a few teams meshed together. We all know how well it worked out for Empire.  With the talks of divisions it looks like the top got a lot more crowded. 

Kyd Papaiya #5   
John Tunney #50 
Pragnesh Patel #0 
Munesh Verma #13 
Binu Nair #0 
Amit Bhasin #27 Co-Captain
Pavan Bahl #1 
Ramesh Ballie #42 
Gaurav Bhasin #3 
Jason Thomas #11 
Neel Pahlajani #0 
Jeff Singh #0 
Abhishek Kumar #8 
Jay Patel #0 
Mitu Shah #0

Pawan Motwani #0 Co-Captin



Off Season Grade..

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 February 2012 )
SWAT Season Preview
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 February 2012
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Welcome to the 2012 season. SWAT has some of the oldest guys in the league yet again. Last year they injected some much needed youth in the team and it paid huge dividends in the regular season. They had the best record in SASL history. That meant nothing though as they were dismantled by the Softballers in playoffs.

SWAT then went in to the fall league determined to keep things loose. They did just that and came away with a championship. Although there was some talk about whether ot not Kunal and James were going to be back on this team. It seems that they are only 50% back as Kunal is back but James isn't.

The current roster:

Captain Solyman Najimi
Co Captain Bret Suffis
Ammad Sheikh
Ali Najimi
Hakim Najimi
Kunal Sra
Jeremy Bourdeaux
Ishaq Khwaja
Raheel Malick
Wahid Omarzai
Anthony Febbraro
Shumail Haque

What this team needed to do during the off season was to basically come back the way that they were. There seems to be a lot of changes to this team though.

Anthony Febbraro
Isaaq Khwaja

Anthony brings in a lot of speed to the SWAT team. Isaaq brings in tough defense up the middle and clutch hitting.

Khaled Ahmedy
Masoom Siddiqui
James Horan 

Khaled one of the orginal SWAT members is not on the roster. He has yet to sign with another team yet. Masoom is another veteran who hasn't found a team but isn't on the SWAT roster. James Horan has too many committments and won't be in the league this year.

So when one takes a look at the teams improving has SWAT improved? Giving the way SWAT was last year and what they are this year. They have definitely regressed. How are they going to replace the epic power of James? What about the clutch hitting of Masoom? The 5 tool prowess of Khaled? You don't replace that type of production that easily. SWAT seems to be going with the small ball approach that won them their last championship. But it remains to be seen how it works out.

Off Season Grade Image

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 21 February 2012 )
Fact or Fiction?
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 17 February 2012
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While doing our research we discovered that Shumail Haque wasn't the only player to play in all 4 leagues. There is another player who si that player?
Best player in South Asian Sports History - Part 1
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 17 February 2012
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One of the arguments that we all have is if you would start a team who would be the person that you pick. We have heard many say Kunal Sra, Pragnesh Patel, Harpreet Chadha, Nadeem Khan, Usman Ghumman and others. You talk to the hundreds of people in each league and you get a different answer for each. So instead of debating who is the best person in each particular sport. We looked at the #'s and said who is the best athlete.

While looking at all of our athletes we had to see how many of our players participated at a very high level in every sport that they have participated in. Currently we have 4 leagues to choose from.

The leagues that we chose from were the following.

(SASL) South Asian Softball League
(SABL) South Asian Basketball League
(SAFL) South Asian Football League
(SABowl) South Asian Bowling League

We began to look at some players who have played in various leagues. We first took a look at Pragnesh Patel. Pragnesh is one of the most dominant players in SASL history. No one will argue that he is one of the top 3 players of all time. But what about when you look at other sports? Pragnesh has played some basketball in the SABL. In his limited season he wasn't much of a contributor due to spotty attendance. He also hasn't played in the other leagues. There have been a lot of talk about how good Pragnesh was when he played basketball in his younger years. Unfortunately or Fortunately for us depending on how you look at it. Pragnesh entered the league very late in his career. So we had to rule him out. But most importantly Pragnesh only really played in one league.

So we realized very quickly that in order to be considered not only did you have to excel in one sport, you actually had to excel in two sports...But did we have any players that excelled in three sports?

So we began the search for a four sport super star. Was there anyone who played in every league that we have ever had.....We found just one player...

The player was Shumail Haque. So we began to explore the performance of Shumail Haque. In Softball Shumail is a former All Star. We looked at his statistics. Shumail peaked in 2011 with a .587 average. Where that is above average it wasn't something that was eye popping. So we went to bowling. In bowling Shumail is the 9th best player that we have in the league. So that is quite significant. We realized that we may be on to something as Shumail isn't the first person that people mention as the best all time athlete to have played. So we began to research a bit further. We began to look in to Football. In Football Shumail is a league leader in some categories offensively and defensively. Up near the league leaders in sacks and up there in touchdown passes caught. So he was an equal defender and offensive threat. In basketball the 2nd oldest league that we have. Shumail was playing in the weaker conference of SABL. He is averaging a bit over 2 points per game this year. Wasn't exactly the elite performance that we were looking for. So the search continued once again. With that we began to look again to the best player the league has ever had.

Join us as the search continues to find the best athlete ever to play in South Asian Sports. We will unveil the best athlete in league history live on South Asian Sports Network

More updates to follow.

Last Updated ( Friday, 17 February 2012 )
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